Plant of the Week: 'Miss Pearl' Buddleia

Pearly White.

We really like the 'Miss' Buddleia: they're compact, colorful, and non-invasive. They've been a bit of a sleeper hit for us. Many of our growers were caught by surprise the first year they grew them, and had to call us for an emergency re-order of liners when their original inventory sold through faster than expected.

'Miss Molly'. 'Miss Ruby' and 'Miss Violet' all have intense, vibrant colors. The newest variety in the series, 'Miss Pearl', is something completely different - a cool, crisp white. She'll look lovely when planted near any of her sisters. She's also perfect for an elegant all-white moon garden. The white flowers and sweet fragrance are just what a busy gardener needs to enjoy a quiet evening on the patio.

'Miss Pearl' grows 4-5' tall and wide and is hardy to USDA Zone 5. It will do best in full sun. Like all butterfly bush, it likes well-drained soil and is deer-resistant.

Plant of the Week is written by Jane Beggs-Joles

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