Plant of the Week: Blue Kazoo® Spiraea

 Blue Kazoo® Spiraea


Last week I had the pleasure of showing a landscape designer friend around our nursery and trial gardens. There was a lot to see: the lilacs are coming into their own and the Exochorda was showing off why it's such a fabulous spring specimen plant.Despite the distraction of peonies and viburnums, he zeroed in on Double Take® Blue Kazoo® Spiraea.

"This is a great landscape plant."
And it is. It looks great in filtered shade; the blue-green foliage has some red new growth in it. The white flowers haven't appeared yet, but they will soon. In fall it will have nice red foliage. This variety has a very soft, graceful habit that doesn't have the twigginess of some of the flashier spirea varieties. I really like the larger leaves and restrained color of this elegant plant. Dare I say that it's a little classier than other Spiraea? I just did.
Like the man said, this is a great landscape plant.

Plant of the Week is written by Jane Beggs-Joles 


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