Plant of the Week: Roses

Let's grow some roses!

As the name suggests, our Oso Easy® roses are easy to grow: disease-resistant, low-growing, and long-blooming. They look great in a container, and are an excellent mass planting. Give them full sun and regular water and these little blooming machines will go all season long without a stop.

The only difficulty will be deciding which color to plant. I'm partial to the 'Peace'-like coloration of Oso Easy® Italian Ice® (top), but last weekend's 3 am roadside revelry by some recent high school graduates has me thinking that Oso Easy® Urban Legend® (bottom) looks pretty good.
Like all roses, Oso Easy® varieties will do best in full sun. Most varieties are 1-3' tall and wide and hardy to USDA Zone 4, although Oso Easy® Paprika, Hot Paprika™ and Peachy Cream will go into USDA Zone 3.
June is National Rose Month! 
A whole commemorative month was probably unnecessary: roses are the winners of pop culture horticulture. Songs, sonnets, ugly wallpaper - roses are one plant that everyone recognizes.

But roses are pretty fabulous. Beautiful as well as tough, it's no wonder that they have inspired so much art and romance. So we might as well admit that we like roses, too, and join the party.

Plant of the Week is written by Jane Beggs-Joles

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