Plant of the Week: A Fine Time.

Quite fine.

Fine Line® Rhamnus is one of our older plants, but it's still going strong. Now, I know you see "Rhamnus" and are all ready to fire off a nasty-gram. Hold onto your keyboard - this variety is not invasive. You will see some berries, but they aren't viable. A university study showed less than 3% germination vs. 98% for the species. Anecdotally, I've never seen a seedling.

Fine Line® is a tremendously useful landscape plant. It's adaptable, durable, and fits into tight spaces like the sidewalk shown above. What dad wouldn't like a nice grill and a protective screen of Fine Line® hedging to keep the neighbors from spying on his top-secret BBQ rub? Even dads who grill on the patio can have a Fine Line® since it does very well in containers, too.
Fine Line® is hardy to USDA Zone 2 and will grow in full sun or partial shade. It will take most any soil, and pretty much whatever the weather throws at it. It grows 5-7' tall and about 2-3' wide. That narrow columnar form is just wonderful, and the fine texture proves that plants don't need flowers to be appealing.

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