Plant of the Week: Sonic Bloom® Weigela

Sonic Bloom®

Sonic Bloom® Weigela was selected for their outstanding flowering - both in spring and in summer. These plants have the heaviest rebloom we've seen on a weigela. They flower in spring along with the rest of the class, then reward gardeners with waves of repeat blooms until frost. 

The Sonic Bloom® Weigela come in three colors: Red, Pink and Pearl, which is a white flower that turns soft pink. All get 4-5' tall and wide and will grow in full sun. This is important: they are hardy to USDA Zone 4.

Like other reblooming forms of traditionally spring-blooming plants, the Sonic Bloom® Weigela flower on both old and new wood. Trim them immediately after flowering as you would an old-fashioned variety, and don't prune them in fall.

Plant of the Week is written by Jane Beggs-Joles




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