Plant of the Week: Bloomerang® Lilac

Back at ya!

That's what a boomerang does, right? You throw it and it comes back. Same thing as Bloomerang® lilac. It flowers, and then the flowers come back. OK, so maybe not as fast as a boomerang returns from walkabout, but certainly later that same season.

Bloomerang® lilacs bloom in spring like regular Syringa and then go through a rest period before blooming again in late summer. They will flower through fall, often flowering right up until frost.

Just as there is some skill to throwing a boomerang, you do need to pay attention to how you grow Bloomerang® lilacs. Trim them immediately after the spring bloom so the plant has time to produce the new growth with new flowers on it. They are cold hardy to USDA Zone 3, and do best in full sun.

Lilac love.
Lilacs are beloved by many, both gardeners and non-gardeners. Many of us have happy memories of cut lilacs perfuming the house in spring. When I was young we had a cat who would hop up onto the counter (bad kitty!) to sit next to the vase and breathe in the sweet perfume of our lilac bouquets. She liked it so much that she didn't chew on the leaves like she did on houseplants.

Maybe cats like lilacs. Laura's cat visits her as she plants a Bloomerang® lilac in this latest Garden Answer video. If you haven't watched the Garden Answer videos, please do. They're a great way to get people excited about gardening and inspired to do some garden center shopping.

For a really fragrant lilac, check out the Scent and Sensibility™ Pink variety. It reblooms, although not as strongly as the Bloomerang® varieties. Its fragrance, though, is out of this world. Walking through our greenhouse you can smell them before you see them and it's delightful.
Perhaps cats like lilacs because they have similar cultural requirements. Both like sun and hate wet feet.

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