Plant of the Week: Berry Poppins Winterberry Holly

Plant of the Week: Berry Poppins winterberry holly

More Berries!

The questionable berry puns continue with Berry Poppins® Ilex verticillata (winterberry). This is a heavy fruiting dwarf selection of our native I. verticillata: it grows to just 3-4' as compared to the more typical 6-8'.

Berry Poppins winterberry holly from Proven Winners
Winterberry hollies like Berry Poppins Ilex are great for cut stems fall and winter.
This plant has everything that landscapers seem to be asking for. It's a hardy, native plant with minimal maintenance requirements, and will do well in the rain gardens and bioswales that so many regions need. Homeowners will love it, too - it fits into their residential landscapes and provides much needed winter interest.

Berry Poppins winterberry holly from Proven Winners
Female Berry Poppins holly needs a pollinator to fruit. Try compact Mr. Poppins holly.

Just remember that Berry Poppins winterberry holly won't fruit unless she's got a beau nearby. We recommend equally compact Mr. Poppins I. verticillata. No picture of him here, because he's there to work, not to look pretty. 

Plant of the Week is written by Jane Beggs-Joles.

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  1. Do you think my neighbors will hate us if we plant it near their driveway? (No garage, cars will be decorated by birds!)