Plant of the Week: Cesky Gold™ Betula

Happy Monday!

It's been an exciting week here at Spring Meadow, as usual, the marketing team is continuously creating content and thinking up new ways to promote Proven Winners® ColorChoice® shrubs - and creating video is no exception!

You can see evidence of that on the Proven Winners® ColorChoice®  YouTube channel which shares a variety of Laura LeBoutillier's very popular Garden Answer videos, plus we've recently added a new, fun line of "how to pronounce" videos featuring the Spring Meadow Nursery staff. In fact, you'll see me in one of the pronunciation videos. I'd like to add the caveat that I had been working here at Spring Meadow for one whole week when I was asked to read a slate of plant names out loud that now, 12 weeks later, I can pronounce with much more confidence!

This week we also launched the Spring Meadow Nursery YouTube channel. Right now there are two videos on it, and we look forward to filling it up with lots of great information about what's happening here at Spring Meadow Nursery.

Hopefully you'll get a chance to check out these videos, but for now, let's get on to Jane's
Plant of the Week!

So. February.

Proven Winners® Chesky Gold™ I know that there is more daylight now than there was in December, but somehow February days seem shorter.

It's gloomy and cold, and we're long past the sparkly fun of Christmas lights. February is just a dreary slog, especially for people in cold climates. So this Plant of the Week is for you, the snow warriors of Fargo and Buffalo.

Cesky Gold™  Betula is a delightful little shrubby birch with leaves that emerge orange-red and then mature to yellow. It's a durable little plant that can take the cold - in fact, it loves it. Those of you who have crocus already, it's probably not for you.

Cesky Gold™ will grow in full sun or partial shade and is deer resistant. It's just 2-4' tall and wide, and can be sheared if desired (although it has a lovely graceful form if left alone.) This is a fantastic plant for landscaping in cold regions: it's hardy to USDA Zone 2. Yes, Manitoba, this plant wants to come and live in your yard.

A delightful little plant for residential or commercial landscapes, Cesky Gold™ Betula has a soft texture and pretty golden leaves. It's also a nice little plant in a container.

Plant of the Week is written by Jane Beggs-Joles

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