Plant of the Week: Behold the Tundra Rose

Yes, Tundra Rose. I think it's a much better common name than Bush Cinquefoil. Actually, this is one of the few plants where the botanical name is more popular than the common name. But Tundra Rose does have a certain flair.

It's fairly accurate, too. After all, Potentilla are hardy to USDA Zone 2. I saw them growing in Alaska, which seems like legit tundra to me. And they are a member of the rose family. So there you go

We selected Happy Face® Potentilla for their full, compact habits and exceptional flowering. Older varieties have a tendency to look kind of weedy and ratty; these stay nice and full. The color of the Happy Face® varieties is outstanding; Happy Face® Pink Paradise is the best pink variety we've seen. The pink flowers hold their color longer than any other pink variety.

These plants grow 2-3' tall and wide and are a durable, easy to grow choice with good deer resistance. If you think of Potentilla as being an old-fashioned plant, check out these new varieties. They're kind of retro-cool. And pretty useful in the landscape, too.

Plant of the Week is written by Jane Beggs-Joles

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