Plant of the Week: Celtic Pride™ Microbiota decussata


Bring on the cold weather!

OK, so maybe we humans aren't super excited about cold weather and the ensuing heating bills, but some entities are. My dog, for one, loves winter. She's a Norwegian elkhound. Snow is her thing.

Some plants like it, too. Microbiota decussata is one of them. With a common name like Siberian cypress you'd expect it to like winter. And it does: it likes USDA Zone 2. Even my dog isn't that hardcore.

Celtic Pride™ Microbiota was selected for its superior disease resistance and excellent winter color. While the species will often develop unsightly tip die-back, this selection maintains nice healthy color.

With its soft, appealing texture and low-growing habit, this is a very nice plant for cold-climate landscapes. It's a good mass planting, and its tolerance of dry shade makes it a useful option. It's got good deer resistance, too! 

Plant of the Week is written by Jane Beggs-Joles

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