Plant of the Week: Pearl Glam Callicarpa

Rock star Callicarpa

When you do one thing, you need to do it really well. If you're a beautyberry, that means producing outrageous ornamental berries.
But what if we set our expectations a little higher? I'd like my shoes to be both comfortable and stylish, and I'd like my Callicarpa to have something going on other than fall fruit.

We ask, and plant breeders deliver. Pearl Glam™ (above) and Purple Pearls® Callicarpa (below) have extravagant purple fruit and purple foliage. Pearl Glam has slightly darker foliage, but Purple Pearls® has distinctive pink flowers. These are rock stars where other callicarpa are mere pop singers.

Both are hybrids (C.dichotoma x C.kwangtungensis) and so a little hardier than Callicarpa americana; they will go into USDA Zone 5. They will do best in full sun, and grow 4-5' tall and wide.

These fast growing plants have good deer resistance, and are a nice addition to gardens that need some fall interest without attracting deer.
In addition to their exceptional berry display and unusual foliage color, these new varieties have an appealing upright habit that looks good in a container.

Plant of the Week is written by Jane Beggs-Joles

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