Plant of the Week: Brandywine™ Viburnum

Fabulous in Fall!

It's officially fall, and I'm very happy.

I love fall. I love the crisp air, the bright colors, and the dead ragweed. And I love Brandywine™ viburnum.
I'm not alone in my fondness for this plant. Our very own Plant Hunter, Tim Wood, wrote a nice tribute to it on his blog. While any Viburnum nudum is delightful, Brandywine™ is particularly nice because it doesn't need a pollinator to produce the showy fall fruit that I need to have. You need them, too.

Brandywine™ is hardy to USDA Zone 5, and grows 5-6' tall and wide. It will grow in full sun or partial shade, and has good deer resistance.
Although Brandywine™ is perfectly happy on its own, it is also a good pollinator for 'Winterthur', which does need a companion plant to produce fruit.

An autumn delight.

One of the nicest plants for the autumn landscape is Viburnum nudum. It's nice all season, actually, with white flowers in spring and shiny foliage all summer long. But fall is when this plant really gets its groove on.

That classy green summer foliage transforms into rich burgundy, and the white flowers of spring have been replaced by the showiest berry display this side of the American Pie Council. Yes, there really is such a thing, and they take their blueberry pie seriously. 

While you can't eat these berries, your bird friends will. The fruits range from pink to blue to blue-black, and you may have all three colors on your plants at the same time.

This is a lovely native plant that adds a lot to the fall landscape. And doesn't your fall landscape deserve something spectacular? Summer gets all of the attention, but let's face it, fall is when many of us can enjoy our yards.
The bugs are gone, the temperature is just right for puttering about or even relaxing with a good book. The kids aren't bothering you because they're busy with homework. You deserve something this lovely in your garden. It will help to distract you from the powerful language your spouse uses while watching football. Or maybe that's just me. Anyway, enjoy fall!

Plant of the Week is written by Jane Beggs-Joles

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