Plant of the Week: Spilled Wine® Weigela

You've heard of Wine & Roses® Weigela, I'm sure. How about Spilled Wine®? It has all the color (darker, actually) of the original, but is smaller. Wider than it is tall, this is an excellent landscape plant that makes a great mass planting.

Spilled Wine® Weigela is a more vigorous plant with better flowering than its sister Midnight Wine® Weigela. It gets larger at maturity, and will fill out a container faster, too.

All of these dark leafed weigelas will grow best in full sun. That's where you will get the best foliage color and most abundant blooms. Spilled Wine® Weigela is hardy to USDA Zone 4, and gets 2-3' tall and 3' wide.

Plant of the Week is written by Jane Beggs-Joles

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