Plant of the Week: Chiffon Roses of Sharon - and the Pantone Color(s) of the Year!

Plant of the Week: Chiffon rose of Sharon

Pantone throws us a curve ball this year by naming two colors for 2016. They are Rose Quartz and Serenity, a light pink and a light blue. Lucky for you, we've got plenty of plants that match these shades. Consider the Chiffon™ roses of Sharon. We've got pink... and we've got blue. They are just what you need to capitalize on next year's color trends!

The Chiffon™ Hibiscus are strong-growing, uniform varieties. Both varieties grow 8-12' tall and will do best in full sun. They are hardy to USDA Zone 5 and will attract butterflies to gardens while resisting deer browsing. These are easy-to-grow, durable varieties that your readers will have plenty of success with in their landscapes. Bonus: they have a low seed set to limit unwanted seedlings!

Pink Chiffon rose of Sharon from Proven Winners
The Chiffon series' frilly blooms give the plant a low seed set.

Why should you care?

You may be asking yourself that very question. What does the Pantone Color of the Year have to do with gardening?

The famous 'Cerulean blue' monologue from The Devil Wears Prada does an effective job of explaining why you should care. The reasoning extends far beyond clothing: kitchenware, home decor, advertising - they will all be affected by the trending colors. Even gardens will feel Pantone's influence.

Pantone expects the Color of the Year to affect sales for up to three years in the future. That's good news for those of us in the growing business since we need a little time to get the Color of the Year into production. You will also want to revisit the past few years' colors, too, and feature plants with those popular hues. Have fun with it!

Blue Chiffon rose of Sharon from Proven Winners
Blue, Lavender, Pink or White: with abundant flowers and a graceful habit, the Chiffon series has become a staff favorite.
Plant of the Week is written by Jane Beggs-Joles.

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