Resolutions of a New Blog

“That’s right,” I say in my toughest voice. “Bring it.”

2014 bristles in response, but after a moment against my steely glare and best super hero stance, it backs away slowly. I am armed with the overzealousness of a fresh year, a color-coded plan, and a list of resolutions. Against 2014, I am invincible.

The year wields an intimidating mix of professional and personal chaos, including a record number of new shrub introductions, coast-to-coast traveling, and planning my wedding, but I am determined not to let a busy schedule and bride brain stop me from a successful 2014. I created “Through the Greenhouse Glass” as a way to share beauty, craft, knowledge, and inspiration with garden writers, my favorite group of people to work with as PR & Marketing Specialist for Proven Winners ColorChoice. To get started, I present the short list of what you can expect: four resolutions for the new year and a new blog.
  1. Create something beautiful.
    Calling upon a background in art, I want to create, and hopefully inspire you to create, a beautiful aesthetic through design, photography, and lovely plants. It is said that images are the currency of media, so we do both ourselves and horticulture a favor by communicating its graces with the beauty and care they deserve. 
  2. Showcase my inner nerd.
    Years ago, at a coffee house, book in hand, I giggled openly and frequently. When a passerby asked about my source of mirth, she was disappointed to learn it was “Eats, Shoots & Leaves,” a grammar book. She gave me the same sidelong, blank stare I sometimes get from the dog when I dance around the living room. Or when I begin a tangent on marketing. Or history. Or the history of words used in marketing. As my good fortune has it, writers need to promote themselves, so I get to share my collection of writing and marketing tips, tricks, and hilarity with you. Yea!
  3. Learn from the best.
    Whether it’s advice penned by the great authors of the past or those making it happen in communications today, there is so much to learn from the brains of others. Let me pick yours and feature your greatness.
  4. Celebrate horticulture.
    The last thing to expect from this blog is a look at what life is like at the nursery behind Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrubs, Spring Meadow. It’s weird. It’s colorful. It’s full of cool plants.
{resuming super hero stance} Give it your best shot, 2014. I'm ready.


  1. Thanks Stephanie for all the encouragement. I also feel your sense of promise and look forward to many exciting opportunities to share my passion and practice with fellow souls, clients and the uninformed. Best to you in 2014.

  2. It's going to be a fun ride, Elaine!