Plant of the Week: Zuzu™ Prunus

Hello and happy Monday!

How does the old adage go? In like a lion and out like a lamb? Like much of central US, here in Michigan we are looking at warming temps and more rain, a weather pattern that is causing significant flooding near rivers and streams. So while it's not snow, March is still showing its teeth. We are keeping those who are nearest these flood zones in our thoughts.

Shrub Madness 2018
In the meantime, March madness is striking here at Spring Meadow with our favorite shrub-against-shrub contest...Shrub Madness.

You still have time (through this Wed. 2/28) to submit a prediction bracket, which will make you eligible for the maximum number of plant, and plant-swag, giveaways. It's fun and free to play!

Go to to learn more, register, and vote for your favorite plants. Even without a completed bracket, you can still vote for the shrubs you think are deserving of the championship win, throughout the month of March.

Enjoy these last few days of February, and Jane's Plant of the Week... Natalie

Forget the cherry tree myth...

Last week was George Washington's birthday. Several years ago I was able to visit Mount Vernon, his home. If you've never had
that opportunity I hope that you will in the future, because it's a pretty impressive place, befitting of an impressive man.

Something that really made an impact on me during the visit was one of the docents' emphatic disavowal of the George Washington chopping down the cherry tree myth. This story was created by 19th-century authors to encourage children to tell the truth.

The docent was offended by the story because it distracts from the truly amazing things that George Washington really did in both his personal and private life. In addition to leading the War of Independence and being our first President, he alone among the Founding Fathers freed his slaves. The docent I remember was, in fact, an African-American gentleman.

So let's not tie the cherry tree to George Washington. Appreciate it for its own beauty. I know that something as unapologetically ornamental as a flowering cherry tree may not be as trendy as other landscape choices, but I love its graceful announcement that spring is here. This plant will bring happiness into people's yards, even small ones, and that's a worthy cause.

If you don't have the space for a full-sized cherry tree, Zuzu™ Prunus incisa is an improved ornamental cherry with lush carnation-like pink flowers that bloom in early spring. This beautiful little ornamental shrub (or really small tree) has appealing branching and small serrated leaves. 

It's a dainty addition to most any landscape and an excellent choice for small gardens. Zuzu™ ornamental cherry is hardy to USDA Zone 5 and will grow in full sun or partial shade.

Plant of the Week is written by Jane Beggs-Joles

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