Plant of the Week: Wedding Cake® Spiraea

Love is in the air...

Weddings are great. It's wonderful to see two people commit to a future together. Hopefully there are lots of smiles and laughter and that one relative we all have manages to behave themself. If things go off the rails, there's always cake.

Wedding Cake® Spiraea nipponica is an improved form of this popular landscape plant. More compact than 'Snowmound', it puts on a stellar show of pure white flowers in spring. It has better container presentation at retail, as seen by this
charming one-gallon presented by our New Plant Development dude, Sean.
Sean is a rugged guy, up for skiing, hiking and any kind of weather Michigan throws at him. So is Wedding Cake®: hardy to USDA Zone 4, it will take sun or partial shade. Sean is kind of tall, but Wedding Cake® grows just 3-3.5' tall and wide.

Plant of the Week is written by Jane Beggs-Joles

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