Plant of the Week: Instant Karma® Sambucus

Instant Karma®

Here's an improved variegated elderberry whose blue-green foliage is edged with cream margins. Instant Karma® Sambucus nigra has large white flowers and maintains its variegation nicely through the season. It's an easy way to add season-long color to gardens.

Like other Sambucus, Instant Karma® is a durable plant that adapts to most conditions. It is hardy to USDA Zone 4 and will grow 6-8' tall and wide. It will grow in either full sun or partial shade and is deer resistant. Note that the variegation will be best in areas with cooler night temperatures.

OK, let's go!

Spring is here! That means warmer days, rain instead of snow, and the first flowers of the season. Crocus and hellebores are the season's pioneers in my garden, and I know that the Chaenomeles and Forsythia aren't far behind. Even though we had a relatively mild winter here in West Michigan, spring's arrival is very welcome.

Last week was also the anniversary of the day that the term "OK" made it into the vernacular. If you think kids today are puzzling with the emojis, check out the weirdness that went on back in the 1800's. 
I celebrated OK Day by watching some OK Go videos. They're fun, clever, and infused with joy. The article has a some salty language, but it's a good read and a reminder to all of us to embrace what we do. Go ahead and bust out some dance moves of your own - it's spring!

Plant of the Week is written by Jane Beggs-Joles

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