Plant of the Week: Infinitini™ Watermelon

Infinitini™ possibilities...

Infinitini® Magenta Lagerstroemia is a heavy-blooming, dense, rounded plant has rich dark pink-red blooms in summer, and nice clean, green foliage. It adds lots of color to summer landscapes, and fits easily into container gardens and residential landscapes.

Also comes in Orchid and Brite Pink and the newest variety, Watermelon. They're all fun, flashy additions to summer gardens. 

The Infinitini® varieties are low-growing plants with mounded habits that are good choices for mass plantings or even foundation plantings. The dwarf habit will help it dodge the hazardous crape murder that so often befalls larger varieties.
Hardy to USDA Zone 6, they will do best in full. All are in the 2-4' range, making them a good fit for many situations. Deer don't bother them. Neither does the heat - bring it on! They will flower through the worst of it. They've got exceptional cold hardiness, too. The list of good things goes on and on...Infinitini ∞.

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